Thursday, May 29, 2008

we make marks, we leave traces

Further to my post about solitary to social paths below, I recalled this quote from walking artist Richard Long:

'My materials are elemental: stone, water, mud, days, nights, rivers, sunrises. And our bodies are elemental: we are animals, we make marks, we leave traces, we leave footprints.' Walking and Marking catalogue, Richard Long, (National Galleries of Scotland)

So I am still pondering - what form do our marks and traces take on pavements, and surfaced paths? Narrative lines drawn in snatches of conversation or thought left hanging? Scuffs and smells and litter trails? Furrows of displaced air?

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Princess Haiku said...

You have a great blog. When I lived in Berkeley I embarked on a series of walks on hidden paths throughout the city. It was great although exhausting as many of the paths were in the hills. The reward was getting to see spectacular views of the SF Bay Area. Thanks for sharing your footsteps.