Wednesday, May 21, 2008

from solitary to social paths

When solo footsteps are followed by others, a path is worn - like the one on the right in East Africa.

But when I studied the hillside below and the web of paths woven by sheep and wild goats, I started to think about the webs we lay in urban areas where the most dense walking patterns seem to now exist. What kind of resonances do our interlocking ways leave when concrete and tarmac refuse to hold our marks?

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It'sNotAbouttheMoney said...

One of the reasons I love to read certain blogs is that I do not often enough have the opportunity to wander in the more natural elements ~~ instantly I can be under the forest canopy, stumbling over heart shapes or watching birds. But the reality ...I walk a lot of miles on concrete and would love to read musings about that. And what a question, what does it mean that our path is no longer created by our footsteps?