Thursday, September 23, 2010

Values of Environmental Writing

Glasgow University is undertaking an interesting research project exploring the relationship between reading habits and pro-environmental behaviour. Looking at what is referred to as 'Creative Environmental Writing', the project raises a lot of interesting questions about the role and responsibility of writers in challenging times, how easy it is to 'track' reading choices and attitudes, and the relationship between language and the world.

Although there is a limit on the numbers involved in face to face meetings, they are keen to engage a wider group of people through an on-line forum, which can be found on the website along with other accompanying papers used to stimulate discussion. The Dark Mountain manifesto in particular stimulated some spirited discussion!

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Andrew Ray said...

Hello Linda - it was good to meet you in Glasgow. I've been immersed in work since getting home but have also been reading Dorothy Wordsworth's recollections of walking in Scotland and it's making me want to get the train back up there again...